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We understand that the world moves fast and business moves even faster, which is why Big Movers is the perfect commercial moving company for your business relocation needs. Our Big Movers have moved hundreds of different businesses all across America, so you can be confident, knowing that we have the experience, equipment and a well-trained team to ensure you have a successful move.

At Big Movers, every business receives special treatment. Our team plans out an entire moving strategy for your business and executes it flawlessly by employing our proven practices; hence, demonstrating reliability and safeguarding your peace of mind. Big Movers provides diverse commercial moving services including local moving services, long distance moving services as well as white glove services specially tailored to the needs of your business.

Big Movers has been operating in Pittsburgh, Cleveland and Columbus where it has provided leading commercial moving services. Our years of service have allowed us to gain experience in relocating every type of business. We catch potential problems early on to make sure your relocation goes as smoothly as possible. So, whether you are looking for local movers or interstate movers, our Big Movers are ready to serve!

Our commercial moving services include the following:

Service Packing

At Big Movers, we use the best materials to pack your items and take extra care with delicate ones. Our company’s staff is trustworthy and handles every item with professionalism to avoid the potential for cracks or breaks. When packing, each item is labelled and inventoried systematically so you can easily confirm all the items of your shipment are present. As well-established office furniture movers, we choose the best packing material for each one of your items and won’t compromise on quality. Whether you plan on hiring us as your local or interstate movers, you can depend on us to secure your belongings with the care required to go the distance.

Loading Moving Service

Moving a business can be a tiresome job. Our Big Movers make the job easy with careful planning and organization. All furniture is wrapped to protect it from becoming damaged or soiled and our staff loads the furniture with care, organizing it for the best use of space, as well as support. This not only saves time and money by reducing the number of required trips, but it also increases the immobility of the load, which reduces the inevitable shifting that at times can result in damage during transit.


Big Movers offers trucks and trailers with air-ride suspension for all its business relocation services. As a commercial moving company, it is our job to make sure that your stuff is safely transported to its destination. Therefore, our drivers are trained and regularly audited to confirm safe driving practices, adding an additional layer of protection for your items in transit. We take our moving and delivery service very seriously, which is why you can rely on us to provide only the safest drivers and vehicles to transport your valuables.

Unloading Moving Service

When your items arrive at their destination, every item, including furniture, boxes and other belongings are placed in rooms that you designate. As a commercial moving company, we can unpack and assemble your furniture and items at your request and direction. Big Movers has qualified staff that are dedicated to the care of your items, so you can be certain they will work diligently to avoid damage to your belongings or location while unloading.


Our commercial moving services include the transportation of high-value items such as artwork, electronic equipment and other delicate collectibles in crates, giving them the protection that they need. Big Movers also offers custom crating to protect items that are extremely fragile or of non-standard sizes. The same goes for our white glove service – we take special care while performing the delivery service and keep the safety of your items as our number one priority.


Big Movers has staff that knows how to set up your new commercial space just right. It is trained to advise you and follow your given directions so that you can set up your office exactly the way you want. We do the job with speed and efficiency, leaving you worry-free to enjoy your new space.


If you can’t accommodate all of your belongings into your new location, we can secure those extra items in our storage spaces free of cost for up to 30 days. You can also opt to continue use of our storage space services after that time upon request. So regardless of whether you hire us as your local or interstate movers, the option to use storage space will be available to you.

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