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According to Which.Co.Uk; People find moving houses more stressful than having children. And that’s not entirely wrong, moving is not only a BIG step, but it is also a challenging one. From making a list of things to take with you to packing, loading, transporting, unloading, and then setting them up in a new house can a hectic task.

Plus, moving heavy furniture, fragile items, and other valuables should be done with great care, or they may get damaged, which will put a dent in your pocket.

So to help you make the moving process a breeze while ensure everything is meticulously handled, we are offering our premium White Glove moving services.

What Is White Glove Moving?

If you are wondering what White Glove moving really is, then it is the most delicate and careful form of handling and moving items. The concept is derived from the use of white gloves in places like labs where everything is treated and handled with great care. This type of moving delivery service is used especially for expensive and valuable items like art, pianos, jewelry, furniture, electronics items, or the items made out of delicate materials like glass.

At Big Movers, we specialize in dealing with all kinds of expensive and breakable items with meticulous handling, so they go from point A to point B without even a scratch or dent. Hiring a standard moving service provider for this kind of service can cost you thousands as they are not trained to handle fragile items with the care that is given by White Glove service providers.

Plus, our crew is fully trained to handle bulkiest items ranging from giant hot tubs to massive LED screens with special packaging and smooth routes, so there are no risks of damage.

We Offer All Kinds of White Glove Moving Services:

Big Movers is a one-stop-shop when it comes to offering white glove services. Be it on-site moves, careful packaging, or even cleaning of the house, we do everything with our premium White Glove care routine. Some of our white glove moving services include:

Intra-State & Inter-State Long Distance Moving:

Whether you need a local white-glove moving service or a long-distance one, we know how to handle everything.

We can provide a complete moving service, including packaging, loading, transporting, unloading, and setting up the cargo in your new place.

Whether it is a long-distance move from one state to another or a shorter one within your locality, we have the manpower and expertise to handle your move.

In-Home Moving/On-Site Moving Service:

Moving doesn’t have to be from one house to another; sometimes, it is within the house. If you have heavy furniture or fragile art pieces or anything that needs specialized and careful moving, we are here for you.

Our fully-drained super moving commandos will move your valuables from one room or floor to another without causing any damages.

Plus, we also offer on-site white glove moving, which means if you want to move something from one place to a different place within the same building or apartment complex, we can do that as well.

Pickup & Delivery Service:

If you have already taken care of packaging and just want your valuables to be safely transported to your new place, we have the fully trained staff and specialized vehicles for that.

From the use of safety equipment like ramps to load and unload the cargo to a careful selection of routes for transportation, we ensure everything goes smoothly.

Our main goal is to deliver complete peace of mind to our customers that their valuables are being safely transported with our pickup and moving delivery service.

Meticulous Packing & Unpacking:

This is another point where standard movers lack because step 1 of white glove moving is the careful packaging of the valuables.

If the fragile items are not packed with Styrofoam or placed in the container with careful gaping, they can collide and break during the transportation.

Therefore we take away the stress of our customers by bringing the specialized packaging material exclusively used for white-glove services to pack your valuables. Plus, once they reach their destination, we can unpack them as well.

Assembly and Disassembly:

Moving furniture means you need to disassemble it first, and when it reaches the destination, you will have to carefully assemble it back. This can be pretty tiring, plus, if you don’t really know about nuts and bolts, it may take a very long time for you to disassemble. And then assembling it back can be a pain as well.

So we at Big Movers take this responsibility on our capable shoulders as well. We will not only disassemble and assemble the furniture items, but we will also move them to their respective locations in your new place so you don’t have to put any effort into your moving.

White Glove Grade Clean-Up Service:

There is one more thing we are pretty good at, and that is the meticulous cleaning of your home. All the dirt, debris, and gunk will be cleaned from your new house before you move in.

Our specialized white glove cleaning crew will target the very roots of layers of dust, dirt, debris, and weeds leaving your new home in a pristine condition.

We will also set up your whole house and put all items in their respective places so that it is ready to live for you from the moment you step inside.

We Protect Both Your Belongings and Our Reputation:

We at Big Movers take the protection of our customer’s valuables very seriously. Our core working philosophy is about going out of our way to ensure our customers have peace of mind when getting our services.

And due to our tireless efforts and immaculate track record, all of our new customers get our white glove moving services with closed eyes.

Using the specialized equipment ranging from special packaging materials to loading/unloading ramps, door jam protectors, and rail coverings, we ensure your goods are moved in the same condition you handed them.

Let’s Move You With Care:

So if you have decided about getting our white glove services and want to give us a try, we would love to offer consultation.

Our team will take you through the entire process of your move, carefully plan everything, and hit the roads as soon as you are ready.

So give us a call now to get started, we are always by the phone to make sure our customers don’t have to wait for us.

Let’s talk about your White Glove Service

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